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July 18, 2013 Pinaglabanan E-Bulletin

July 18, 2013



12:00 - 1:00 PM              


INVOCATION -                                                

NATIONAL ANTHEM -                                                          

4-WAY TEST -                                                                            


COMMUNITY SINGING: DISTRICT SONG -                       

INTRODUCTION OF GUEST SPEAKER -                             



PRESIDENT'S TIME -                                                                  

ADJOURNMENT -                                                                     

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Last July 13, Saturday yours truly together with AG Gina Sanchez and PP Doray Giorla and PDG Pepe Peralta attended the first District 3800 Breakfast Meeting with DG Louie Ticman at the Valle Verde Country Club. It was a meaningful breakfast meeting as the new District Governor signed a joint Memorandum of Agreement with Laguna Lake Devt. Authority Chief  Mr. Nery Acosta to help limit the disastrous effects of global warming and climate change. "Rotary can play a vital role not only in educating people but in making sure that individually and collectively we take responsibility for global warming and change the way we live today." 

The Busog Lusog Talino project of our Club in partnership with Jollibee Foundation through their representative, Ms. Pia Ortiz-Luis was relaunched for the 2nd year at our Club's beneficiary school, Pinaglabanan Elementary School last July 15. IPP Jojo Bacarro turned over this successful project which he started last year and gave us the opportunity to continue it this year. The BLT program are composed of 40 considered malnourished students from Grades 1 and 2 who will be part of the feeding project from July to March 2014. The main goal is to be able to improve their health through proper diet and good grooming habits Dra. Lydia Abeja, Principal of the school together with the Division 1Superintendent Ms. Rowena Cacanindin welcomed us Rotarians to their Feeding Center to witness the said program. Thanks to Sec. Jovie, Public Image Director Pol, and IPP Jojo for joining the said project. We welcome our other active and generous RCSJ Rotarians who would want to help in this BLT project in any way they can by donating rice,eggs, etc to make it more engaging to the lives of the children.

Today, we have invited Dr. Patricio Reyes to talk about "Making our Brain Function Better in Later Years." We are honored to have him speak about his mastery in this field. This will be an interesting afternoon as we discuss about wellness and better brain function. 

Our next major undertaking next week July 25, for the Governors' Visit, Handover and Joint Induction with Rotaract and Interact Officers will be successful if all of us members of RCSJ will be present. I invite everyone to take an active part as we formalize our commitment to Rotary. Venue will be at the Gabaldon Room of Club Filipino at 6 pm. Please come, " together we will ENGAGE Rotary , CHANGE Lives!" 

Enjoy Rotary!

Pres. Therese Montecer
                                                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Secretary’s Corner_07182013

Welcome to the Club Mesdames Nonie Madrasto and Gigi Rodriguez!

Last week we inducted Nonie and Gigi according to the club’s commitment of recruiting 5 new members this Rotary Year. We have also lined-up Ms. Sam Allege for her induction but work kept her from joining our meeting last week. Sam is the granddaughter of the late PP Ed Alleje. Another candidate for membership is being referred to our club by PP Rick Yu of RC Valenzuela is Mr. Ceferino Bata, Jr. Jun needs to attend two more meetings before he can be inducted.

What a good start for the term of Pres. Therese. I’m sure our District Governor will be pleased to hear of these developments during our Governor’s Visit next Thursday.

We have finally received the flyer design for our October 12 financial literacy project. Said flyer is awaiting comments from FDG Benny Pe.

Last Monday (July 15) Pres. Therese, IPP Jojo Bacarro, PP Pol Leoncio and I attended the launch of our year-long Busog, Lusog, Talino feeding program in the Pinaglabanan Elementary School. This project is in partnership with the Jollibee Foundation.

Here’s an online Link to help you catch up with the club’s activities:

Cheers and enjoy Rotary J

Sec./PP Jovie
                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Standing Up for the Young

Last week, the UN Youth Assembly heard the speech of a remarkable young person.  This is Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan who was shot in the head last year by a Taliban gunman while riding a school bus after taking an exam. The young woman, then only 16 years of age survived miraculously after surgery and was invited to be a featured speaker to the UN Youth Assembly. She is quoted, in part as saying “

‘They thought that the bullets would silence us,……..  “But they failed…. And out of that silence came thousands of voices (seeking) to live in peace, to be treated with dignity… to be educated.
“Nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage (were)  born. I am the same Malala. My ambitions are the same. My hopes are the same. My dreams are the same.”

“Malala Day is not my day,” the 16-year-old schoolgirl told the jampacked UN Assembly Hall.  “Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voice for their rights.

“Thousands have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured. I am just one of them.… I speak not for myself, but so those without a voice can be heard for their rights to live in peace, to be treated with dignity, to be educated.

“(I do) not seek personal revenge, I am here to speak for the right of education for every child (including) the sons and daughters of the Taliban and all terrorists…. This is the compassion I (learned) from Mohammed, Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. This the legacy of change I inherited from Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

“This is the philosophy of nonviolence that I have learned from Gandhi… Mother Teresa. And this is the forgiveness that I learned from my father and  mother. This is what my soul is telling me: Be peaceful and love everyone….We realize the importance of light when we see darkness. We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced…. “

These are very remarkable words from someone so young who has suffered so much and yet refuses to seek revenge but offers the way to avoid such future events.  A great example of the strength of the human spirit!

PP Tony Abola
                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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